Monthly Archive: January 2018

Grammy Music Awards. 0

Grammy Music Awards.

Yesterday they passed the Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden. This year is already in its 60th year. James Corden took the lead this time. More than 20 million viewers around the world watched...

Lenny Kravitz is returning to Prague! 0

Lenny Kravitz is returning to Prague!

American multi-instrumentalist and singer Lenny Kravitz will play 2. He last performed four years ago at the O2 Arena in Prague. The performance will take place as part of his European tour. The musician...

Chinaski unveils new line-up 0

Chinaski unveils new line-up

As promised, they did. After the November report on the end of four members of the band Chinaski, they announced a new line-up. The remaining pair of the original line-up, i.e. singer and leader...