Aerodrome Festival did not disappoint again

The Aerodrome Festival is visited every year by thousands of spectators who want to see the biggest music performers in one place. And Aerodrome did it again!

Linkin Park, which last played here 10 years ago, experienced the biggest return to the Czech Republic. But aerodrome festival was far from finished! In one day, stars such as Simple Plane, Royal Republic and others took turns. Aerodrome showed off its qualities again!

With the sunset, it's time to see where Linkin Park has moved in the last nine years. Who didn't wait here for nearly a decade and went to see them occasionally abroad, knows that due to the different sound of each other recording, six musicians have developed an admirable sense of connecting at first sight unrelated songs. The various interludes, extended ends and pre-tracks worked great for new material, and perhaps from the start, the fresh example of "Talking To Myself" naturally switched to the older single "Burn It Down". Another example was the transition from the beautifully-screened ballad "One More Light", accompanied by thousands of lights from phones to the piano version of "Crawling" from debut. And also the trio of "Good Goodbye", "Lost In The Echo" and "Battle Symphony", in which the owner of the iconic pair of flames on his hands took the guitar in his hand, managed to seamlessly move between themselves, and the band from Agoura Hills proved once again how well dramatically handled everything.

For the people who saw Linkin Park in nine years or even the first time, the concert had to be absolutely perfect. But the pampered musical writers are also thrilled, for whom the band has not lost power for the fourth time, and will follow them later this week to Austria on Nova Rock. There are groups you can see a hundred times and you never wish. Linkin Park are one of them.

Aerodrome 2017

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