Oscar and the Wolf will perform at the Aerodrome Festival!

Belgian artist Max Colombie, known as Oscar and the Wolf, will perform at the fifth annual Aerodrome Festival, which will take place as early as next week at The Airport in Panenské Týnec! It will replace the X Ambassadors group, which has called off its tour this year. "Friends, unfortunately we have to cancel our upcoming European tour. It was a very difficult decision, but the truth is, now we need to devote all the time and energy to completing a new album," they explained the reason for cancelling the X Ambassadors tour to their supporters.

Oscar and the Wolf will perform at the originally scheduled time of their performance, from 3:30 p.m. on Friday, and the first time he made the 2013 single "Orange Sky" will be released. hosting at lou reed's concert. However, it was introduced to the "up" debut album Entity a year later, from which such hits as Princes, Undress or Strange Entity came from and in Belgium it was certified by double platinum. In 2016, infinity followed, catapulting its author not only to the tops of the charts but also on the biggest concert stage. For example, it was the first time that the The main star of the prestigious Pukkelpop and his solo performances will now sell out the large-capacity halls in a few minutes.

The Aerodrome Festival gates will open June 28 at 12 pm. The festival programme will grow into three days this year and will take place on two main stages and two secondary scenes – Europe 2 and Óčka. Compared to last year's six performers, Aerodrome fans can look forward to thirty-two foreign and almost thirty domestic performers this year.

The main scenes will be dominated by one of the most popular singers of the present – Lana Del Rey, industrial icon Nine Inch Nails, rap stars Macklemore and Wiz Khalifa, American legend Limp Bizkit or rock Parkway Drive and Stone Sour.

The main draws of Scene Europe 2 include Marpo, Lenny, Support Lesbiens, Ektor, Sebastian or Eddie Stoilow, Očko Truck again attracts light & love, john wolfhooker, lake malawi, vojtaana, jakub ondra or the slots. 

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