This year's AIR Festival will show the pace of sister rebel duo KREWELLA, CARNAGE, PEGBOARD NERDS or beatport brohug stars

The Hradec Králové Festivalpark will be transformed again at the end of July under the banner of the AIR Festival into a two-day venue giant dance party. And that this year's extraordinary ride gives the already existing roster of performers – KREWELLA, CARNAGE, PEGBOARD NERDS, BROHUG, MADDIX, MR. BLACK, BALI BANDITS AND STEFF DA CAMPO!



In 2011, they stormed the world dance scene with ep play hard with such a punch that by then mostly masculinity EDM society literally smashed to pieces. Their vigorous combination of electronics with heavy rock riffs, enhanced by uncompromising lyrics in which they do not take servits and stand out sharply against all social and gender taboos, immediately broke the way not only to the tops of the charts but also on the most prestigious festival stage – Coachella or Lollapaloozu is not an exception. Sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, daughters of Pakistani and Muslim parents, are both the personification of female power and the unconventional fulfillment of the American dream! They're not just artists, they're the personalities that affect the multitudes of their supporters, who have over two million on their Facebook page!



A handbook on how to become an internationally recognized star, despite the fact that fate did not put you in a "golden" American cradle, could also be written by a 27-year-old DJ and producer of Carnage. With Guatemalan vein blood, within a decade, he dragged it from the shabby clubs of the sunken Maryland town of Frederick to the world's most famous EDM elite shows – Tomorrowland, the Ultra Music Festival or to a dance residence in Ibiza, to collaborate with such as Borgore, Headhunterz or the stars of last year's AIR Festival – KSHMR and Timmy Trumpet, and to the head of Beatport or among the hundreds of the world's best DJs announced by DJ Mag. But it certainly wasn't free, with this incredible 37 singles, two albums, one EP and countless remixes boasting names like Hardwell, Avicii and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.



What comes up is when two exceptionally talented DJs and producers come together, who together have more than 20 years of recording practice and over 200 remixes involving collaborations, among others. with Skrillex or Krewell a countless chart hits? A miracle called Pegboard Nerds, which Billboard magazine has described as the so-called "Pegboard Nerds". "must see act"/ "you must see"/ and DJ veterans from Rob Swiro to Steve Aoki go even further and attribute this Danish-Swedish dua composed of Alexander Odden and Michael Parsberg to producer genius. Their comic alter egos and pixel logo in the shape of a heart then only completed their overall profile and transformed Pegboard Nerds from ordinary DJs to an iconic brand.

Brand, whose value is confirmed by over 200,000 Subscribers on YouTube Pegboard Nerds and proud membership of the largest community on YouTube – Monstercat, which has nearly 2 billion views!


Swedish Brohug took care of a huge stir on the dance scene last year when hundreds of best-selling electro house artists at beatport's BeatStats review left behind by a more experienced and famous colleague like Skrillexe, Afrojack or KSHMRa. What's more, while some of these stars have already dropped out of the leaderboard, others like Skrillex are looking at Brohug's back to this day with less than half the points! The swedish trio's sleepy ride continues, and today it's been six months! In the current hundred best-selling tracks, electrohouse features four! recordings – Paparazzi, Droppers, Ambush and Boogieman!



Dimitri, Afrojack and especially Hardwell, are behind the discovery of another star of The AIR – Maddix. This multi-talented young man, who also controls the game not percussion, drums and piano, comes from Utrecht, Netherlands, where he has produced and provided free download stakes with a few tracks that immediately caught the attention of all three of the above stars. It wasn't long before Hardwell offered him a participation in his collection "Hardwell presents Revealed Vol.6" and subsequently a publishing contract, and after his own tracks like "Ghosts" , "Voltage", "Tumalon" & "Dirty Bassline" she reached and made them an integral part of their most of the most popular DJs in the world – such as Tiësto, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, W&W or KSHMR.


MR. Black

The first six confirmed stars of the AIR Festival 2018 are being concluded by Mr. Black. But make no mistake, he certainly doesn't lag behind in the list of success for the top five. Like Maddixe, his "Revealed" recordings hardwell, putting Black's song "Party People" in 3rd place in Beatport and track "Hu-Ha" even reached 1st place. With the exception of Hardwell, Mr. Black enjoys the support of Martin Garrix, Tiëst, David Guetta and the stars of world pop music, including her queen Madonna, whom he co-produced. He is also a successful author of film and television soundtracks or commercials.

AIR Festival 2018 will take place from 27-28 July. Tickets are available for purchase for CZK 890 or CZK 1,090, including camping on, where other names of performers will also be gradually declassified.


Bali Bandits is a pair of DJs and producers that come not from an idyllic Indonesian island, as their name would suggest, but from amsterdam street of the same name. They are famous for daring experiments with melodies and rhythms that have fired them at lightning at the top of the charts, making their home doors today asking for a remix of "knocks" such names as Martin Garrix or Zedd.


The Dutch music scene is also represented by DJ and producer Steff Da Campo, who likes to combine deep, electro and groovy bass house in his production. His tracks (let's remember e.g. Get Busy, Chicago or Alright) repeatedly score in the TOP 10 and TOP 20 in Beatport and singles Home (Be Yourself) or Come Back And Stay have been used to change radio charts around the world.

In addition to the main scene, visitors to the festival can also look forward to producing on the side stages, of which there will be a total of six. Retro Music Hall will be dominated by the aforementioned Maddix, the main star of flash festival stage will be Toneshifterz. The names of the headliners of other scenes will be announced gradually.

More information and tickets for the AIR Festival, which will take place from 27 and 27. until July 28th in Hradec Králové, are available for purchase on

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