Boskovický Majáles 2019

What's the main thing about Majáles? Dance? Definitely. And music! You can look forward to a lot of great bands. You may know some of them, you may never have heard of some, but i'm sure they'll hear from Majáles!

The whole of Majáles will start The Sailors, who will surely create the right atmosphere for the rest of the day. Next up, we're going to have a trio playing at summer cinema. Two, actually. Le Malér Trio and Tryo. They won't miss From ear to ear or Rockforum. And who's going to end this? The highlight of the evening, Sebastian!

Do you still think so much? So don't forget we have stage two! And even the other one won't be quiet! Who's going to play? Girls from heski, adámek band or Taste!

Don't forget, in addition to bands, you can listen to a lot of lectures or watch a dance performance!

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