Chinaski fell apart! Only Malátný with Táborský remain in the group

The band Chinaski after a successful tour We do not cry the departure of four members of the band. It is abandoned by the trumpeter Petr Kužvart, saxophonist Štěpán Škoch, bassist Ondřej Škoch and drummer Ota Petřina.

According to the statement of the remaining two members, the group lost "internal chemistry" . "In some ways, we've cycled, we see things differently, and we haven't figured out how to get out of our circles," they said. From the new year the band will play in the changed line-up.

"We're not breaking up in a bad way. We just realized that now we need to do the band differently and we want to try to experience it again with new people," said Malátný and Táborský. "That doesn't mean we're changing style or taking your favorite songs away," they added.



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