Chinaski unveils new line-up

As promised, they did. After the November report on the end of four members of the band Chinaski, they announced a new line-up.

The remaining pair of the original line-up, i.e. singer and leader Michal Malátnice and guitarist František Táborský, will now be complemented by members who, according to the press release, "connect long-standing friendships and musical sympathies" according to the press release.

Lukáš Pavlík, who has performed with Chomore, Ewa Farna and Kamil Střihavka, will sit behind the drums. The bass will be provided by Tomi District, which has so far been seen alongside Lukáš Adamce, Richard Müller, IMT Smile or Kato knechtová. The current five will be joined by keyboardist Jan Steinsdörfer, a longtime bandleader of Ewy Farné, who played with Chinaski during the autumn hall concerts.

Poprock Chinaski, a two-time Angel award winner, is one of the most successful forms of the Czech music scene. They acquired several gold records for the sale of their recordings. More than 10,000 rockfield sales from 2014 earned them a platinum record. ČTK reports that in terms of the number of radio hits, they have been among the Czech number one groups in recent years.

Chinaski in new lineup

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