Five Finger Death Punch arrives in Prague

Five Finger Death Punch announces their biggest concert tour to date, with which fourteen European countries will visit in 2020. They will visit Prague's Tipsport Arena on Valentine's Day – 14. February. Tickets in the price range of 1 390 – 1 690 CZK are available for grabs in ticketmaster and ticketportal networks.

5FDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory to the tour cast says: "The line-up is really spectacular. Bad Wolves have been a sensation of recent years, and they can light the audience. Megadeth poses do not need, they are absolute legends. Dave Mustain's contribution to this genre is simply immeasurable. I consider him one of the founding fathers not only of thrash, but generally heavy metal, because his riffs and guitar play influenced anyone who found himself on megadeth action radio… and that's a really big radius." Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine adds with the lyrics to Megadeth's song "Sweating Bullets": "Sight is still normal, but the look back is a little blurry," adding: "We're looking forward, and you'll have a problem if you don't see us with Five Finger Death Punch in early 2020. You just don't want to miss that. I'll see you soon."

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