Aerodrome Festival – Interview with famous Czech rapper Marp

How do you feel about your competition today? Not only in rap, but also on the whole Czech music scene?

In rap, I like a few people that I recognize – Ector, Separ or Kali. But my goal is not to compete in the hip-hop pond, even if it's a healthy rivalry that motivates you. I want to, and maybe it's going to sound mega funny, to match bands like Christopher, Coat and look up like that. One day I want to make a decision between Little Strahov or Edenen. People are laughing at it now, but I believe I'm going to make it.

Does your rap business work today to make a living?

What feeds me is Chinaski. With TroubleGang, we still invest in our live play, for example, we have our own technique for 1 200,000 crowns. This money isn't coming back to you, and they can't pay me a mortgage or an English school for my little one. But someday it'll come back.

You said you and other members learned of the race from Chinasek during the fall when you were on a big indoor tour. Did it somehow reflect on the performance or mood in the band?

The mood was never very good, it was always similar. And as for performance, we played it as pros. On the contrary, we enjoyed the tour and was excellent – compared to some of the past. We've won in those nine years. I suspected that I was going to leave the band for about a year, only the others didn't expect it, and they were pretty shocked.

You've been playing chinaski for nine years since you got it and took it?

It took personal freedom and time, there was enough blood in the band, when we had to cancel the holidays, etc. I was annoyed that it didn't pay what we originally agreed to. But it gave me so much, I got a huge know-how to make a first-team band. And that's why I've made it this far with my crew.

Will you miss drumming?

It's awful, but luckily I have two tracks with TroubleGang where I'm going to play drums.

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