KISS will perform at eden arena!

Kiss announced that they will kick off their final tour in 2019 after an epic and story-telling 45-year career that kicked off the era of rock legends. The group confirmed that they will also return to the Czech Republic as part of the farewell tour, where they will return to the Czech Republic on 19 September. Prague Rocks will be presented at prague's Eden Arena on June 16, 2019.

"Everything we've built and everything we've conquered over the last four decades would never have happened without the millions of people around the world who filled clubs, arenas and stadiums over the years. This tour will be the final celebration for those who have seen us and the last chance for those who don't. KISS Army, we're going to say goodbye on our last tour with our biggest show, and then we'll go where we came from. We'll leave
just like we came … Unapologetic and Unstoppable," KISS said.

On the second year of Prague Rocks, 19. The ZZ Top group will also appear on June 50, 2019. The 10th anniversary of its existence, together with Czech fans. ZZ Top are notable for having the most stable lineup in the history of rock music. They have such hits as Gimme All Your Lovin, La Grange, Legs and Sharp Dressed Man.

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