Lenny Kravitz will play in Prague in June

Lenny Kravitz announces the dates of his upcoming monumental world tour "Here To Love", which will last 2 years and will perform on 30 June. 6. 2020 at prague's O2 Arena.

Lenny Kravitz's concerts are renowned for their energy, and it will be the same next year, when he will return to the Czech Republic after two years. The combination of musical styles such as funky, rock'n'roll and blues is also to be heard on his last 11th series album, Raise Vibration, released in 2018. Lenny likes to listen to younger generations of musicians, but he doesn't deny decades of experience on the music scene. The result is a strong material in the spirit of its classic creation. 

Lenny Kravitz is considered one of the prominent rock musicians of our time, which transcends genre, style, race and social classes. During his 20-year musical career, Kravitz, who found himself fond of soul, funk and rock in the 1960s, was a great woman. and the 70th and 70th In the 1980s, he became famous as a talented composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He has released ten studio albums, selling over 38 million copies worldwide. He won four consecutive GRAMMY Awards and also holds the record as the most-awarded artist in the "Best Male Rock Singing Performance" category. Musical achievements and his versatility allowed him to penetrate beyond the music industry. Lenny Kravitz appeared in the critically acclaimed film "Precious," in both episodes of the blockbuster "Hunger Games", or in the film "Butler", directed by Lee Daniels.  In addition to music and performances in the film, Kravitz has been engaged in his creative firm Kravitz design Inc. since 2003, providing business and residential services in design, product development and brands such as Rolex, Leica and Don Perignon. 

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