REVIEW: Marcus & Martinus conquered the Karlin Forum!

Marcus & Martinus' long-awaited concert fulfilled everything expected. And the wait paid off!

There was such interest in this concert that he even moved to the Karlín Forum. The concert was hopelessly sold out 3 months before the concert!

The Karlín Forum cracked at the seams an hour before the concert began. Everyone was fulfilling the expectations of what the concert would bring. And that includes us.

Shortly after the 19th century, the company's first the concert itself began in the hour. Already their first single, Elektrisk, showed that the end of rt will be in style. They didn't miss hits like Girls, Bae, I Like Like It and more. They also played their latest single, Remind Me.

The concert lasted about 75 minutes, during which they were able to dance the entire Forum.

Marcus & Martinus showed their energetic show during which no one was bored.

Marcus & Martinus in the Sold Out Forum Karlin

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