The longest train of Czechoslovak history to Romania for the Banat festival

On 14 And 2004, the United By August 19th, the Banat Festival will be held in the mountainRomanian village of Eibentál for the seventh time. For a unique experience, nature lovers, travel, music and, last but not least, trains come here every year. A special Banat Sky Express – the longest train train in Czechoslovak history, which measures over half a kilometer, will be announced for the festival.


"The train replaced the original bus service last year and as it proved very successful at the premiere, the organizers of the festival decided to continue in the train express," explains Romana Šauerová, managing director of Kladenská dopravní and which completely provides transport. "This year's set will consist of eighteen wagons and can accommodate up to 1300 people. Preparations required tens of hours of communication between individual transport administrations. We negotiated with the Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian carriers. The most difficult communication was on the Romanian and Hungarian sides. In order to prepare the kit, we rented 7 cars from Czech Railways and 8 wagons from ČD Cargo and supplemented them with three wagons of Kladno Transport and Machinery, which during the year are mostly used as a party train for corporate parties, team buildings and others . In the Banátskem expres will serve to transport VIP guests of the festival," adds Šauerová.

Although the train travels from Prague to a destination of over 1,000 kilometers, there is no need for fun in the set. The train and the passenger are also transported by the performers and the fun starts already on the tracks. Exceptional musical performances, among which participants can refresh themselves in train bars, brings together the festival audience and leaves unforgettable experiences in them already along the way.

Upon arrival at the festival, visitors can spend the night in the camps or taste the famous hospitality of compatriots, where guests can also dine. The Banat Festival is such an important part of helping the region and the locals in their difficult situation.


"The former mines are long overdue, and agriculture is enough for basic livelihoods. Older people survive thanks to decent mining pensions, but the young had to leave looking for a livelihood elsewhere. Many of them live in the Czech Republic. They live in panels, they work in montons. They go on holiday to Banat, but they would like to go back there," said the founder and one of the three festival organizers, Štěpán Slaný, for Forbes magazine, which this year ranked him among 18 inspiring people.

On the principle of solidarity, the whole festival works, without the right to a fee all performers. Four dozen will meet in Eibentál this year – including, for example, the 2015 Edition of the European Union.  Vladimír Amerta, Sšvihadla, Insert a cat or Emma Smetana, who will also have a small studio on the site with the DVTV team, from where the festival will be transferred.  However, visitors can also enjoy, for example, the lectures by ladislav zibury and a number of other cultural activities.

Unforgettable experiences and a good feeling of helping the inhabitants of this captivating Romanian village. This is taken annually by all visitors from the Banát festival, whose ranks have grown in comfort year from year to year.

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