Opinions of pupils and principals in Boskovický Majáles 2019

"For a long time I support every activity of pupils and students that leads to the presentation of education in Boskovice. I think the idea of organizing this event after years is great. I just want to believe that after the organizers have been reinforging the complexity of this problem, they will continue to continue in the years to come. For them, it's an experience in practical life. I believe that we , older graduates in particular, will use this event to meet after years."

Ing. Mgr. Pavel Vlach, Director of the Higher Vocational School of Economics and Zradvotnice and Boskovice High School

"I think that restoring the tradition of the majáles in Boskovice was a very good idea. I am pleased that in today's hectic age there will be a bunch of young people who are interested in, taste and energy to do something extra than just sitting at the PC. It is wonderful that the idea of young people is accepted and supported not only by directors and educators of Boskov secondary schools, but also by the management of the city. I look forward and wish all of us the majáles to succeed and everyone, both the organizers and the guests, were satisfied."

PaedDr. Hana Hortová School Principal and DM Secondary Pedagogical School Boskovice, contributory organization

Poster of the majáles

"Personally, I am very attracted to the boskovický Majáles event, not only because I am a student from Boskovice, but above all I am tempted to experience the atmosphere of the "festival" in the home environment with students from the surrounding sch
ools. I think there are certainly a lot of activities on the program from which everyone chooses, but at the same time the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. I believe this event will be a success and I am looking forward to it!"

Grammar school student (3. 1999)

"I think it's a good idea to do an event like this here in Boskovice. We've already had a few events here, but one that students wouldn't host yet. I also love the way all schools get involved. I feel like this is a good way for those schools and their students to get close here in Boskovice. We don't have much joint action together, and we're competing rather than working together. And I think this action could change. I expect everyone to have a good time. It's months and months of hard work, work, inventing and planning. And I think de it pays off. It's for a good cause. To get students together and actually enjoy something and celebrate. Because there's still something to celebrate. I know we're all going to have a great time and enjoy ourselves. Listen to music groups and some students. I really like this idea. Taking advantage of students' ideas and hosting this event here in Boskovice was a very good step. I think when one of the students does it, they know what the rest of us like and adapt the program accordingly. I am really looking forward to this event and I hope that this first year this event is held with us will not be the last."

Student of the Pedagogical School (2. 1999)

"I am very interested in Majáles, I think this is a great opportunity to show cold creativity! I think it's great that such an event is being asked in Boskovice, because there are a lot of talented and creative students. I expect great entertainment, bonding with other high school students and students in Boskovice, a packed and fun program ending with a great Sebastian concert and, of course, a good beer!)"

High school student (3. 1999)

"I'm really looking forward to lectures, food and drink, bands… Just a festival. I find it great that this is the first event of its kind for students. For example, I would not count much as an event for students as an event for students (although I have nothing against his songs). In addition, the majáles and the students themselves organize here from different secondary schools in our city which is already a unique concept in itself. I'm planning on buying a ticket soon."

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