Rammstein will appear in Prague in July!

German band Rammstein will embark on a new, ten-year,- expected but as yet unnamed record, on a stadium tour in May next year. He stops twice at Prague's Eden Arena, 16. and 17. They shall forthwith decom. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 8. November.

Band Rammstein 17. September on its website announced: "Almost done! Filming of orchestras and choirs in Minsk for the seventh studio album." For almost a decade, fans of the band Rammstein have been waiting longing for a follower of liebe ist für alle da.

Now Rammstein is attached under the boiler once more. In parallel to the release of the unnamed new album, they will play the first stadium tour in its history. Anyone who knows their dramatic, perfectly staged live performances might have thought that nothing more can be invented. At Rammstein, however, one can be sure that they have prepared something special for their mighty and monstrous stages.

The German band Rammstein has been in the hamlet for almost twenty-five years, with a strong fan base already growing up with its debut album Herzeleid from 1995. From the album du riechst so gut, Asche zu asche or Rammstein can now be considered without exaggeration as classics in their repertoire, which work great at concerts even more than twenty years after their creation

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