REVIEW: Lenny Kravitz performed after 4 years in Prague!

For four years, Czech fans have been waiting for lenny kravitz's return.

Lenny Kravitz did not bring the promised eleventh series to the O2 Arena, which will not be released until September, but he has already included several new songs in the setlist. One of them called We Can Get It All Together started the concert. And from the beginning, it was clear that more than visual pomposity, he would build on the musician's precision of his and his teammates.

For two hours, the New York native successfully convinced that he really felt the music with his whole body. At times he could choose a more straightforward form of submission – solos for guitars, drums and breaths, and the band's many-minute jams are already expected for his concerts, but sometimes he brakes on the downfall of the performance. If the song stretches to fifteen minutes, it becomes more of an experience for fine scones than a means of keeping the hall boiling. And it didn't change the singer's sudden appearance directly among the audience, where he took him off the stage for a while during The Love Rule.

Fortunately, he was a lot more punchy in the final. Hits such as Fly Away, Again and farewell Are You Gonna Go My Way has been emptied up their sleeves with complete course of course, but the romantic ballad I'll Be Waiting has earned the same attention. The audience got everything lenny kravitz expected – hits, musical skill and proof that genre boxes are sometimes useless.

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