Dancing Years & Years on Colors Of Ostrava!

The energetic dance electropop trio Years & Years has been nominated several times for the Brit Awards, complementing the line-up of the main stars of this year's Colours of Ostrava festival.

Years & Years is led by singer, musician and actor Olly Alexander, who is currently one of the icons and unmissable music speakers of the LGBT community. Before the band won on BBC Radio 1 Sound of 2015, with the company's successful debut Communion climbing to the top of the British charts and winning four Brit Awards nominations, Olly didn't exhibit sexual orientation too much. In a gradual attempt to find out who he is and what it means to him to be gay, he came to a public coming out at the Glastonbury Festival. In the documentary Film Growing Up Gay, he spoke candidly about his sexuality, youth accompanied by bullying, depression and bulimia. "One thing I blame is that I haven't done it before: that I didn't confide in anyone, I didn't talk to anyone about it. Don't forget you're not alone," Olly confided, breaking another taboo ever since.

The Years & Years video clips went into an undisguised celebration of both the queer community and Olly's identity. He has now leaned towards extravagant lysis and stylization. For example, at the ceremony of this year's Brit Awards, where the trio were nominated, among other things, for band of the year, he arrived in a long white cape lined with feathers. Side by side with "normally" dressed teammates — bassist Mikey Goldsworthy and synthesizer player Emre Türkmene — asked the question, "Who's Freddie Mercury?"

The palo santo album (Sacred Wood) futuristicly explores life on a distant planet where human beings are already a rarity. But on the musical side, Years & Years remain on the ground: faithful to the hedonistic synthpop of the 1990s. In the 1980s, the album was accompanied by several extraordinary video clips and a short trailer in which the famous British actress Judi Dench, Olly's former colleague on stage, speaks. "We wanted a storyteller for our trailer for Palo Santo, someone who embodies the all-powerful Mother of our android world. Judi was our first choice. Her voice is iconic, so mysterious and sensual," said Olly, one of the most influential pop queer icons of today, considering sexuality as part of her musical expression and identity.

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