Stoun Sour and new album "Hydrograd" delighted fans

Four years later, Stone Sour showed their creativity again and delighted not only fans

When corey taylor was built from his second band STONE SOUR (it is actually his original band founded in 1992) not only in every way a successful but also interesting musical institution, he automatically multiplied the successful but also interesting musical institution. this frontman first known to the public through SLIPKNOT. The more melodic singing registers have always been as good as the brutal ones, and for years he had the opportunity to divide between two very popular groups. After all, it was thanks to the gained popularity that SLIPKNOT and the unorthodoxness of their fans, loving their favorite singer above all else in the world, and whether recording music according to his feelings, eventually the modern and bloated metal from STONE SOUR eventually took hold, especially thanks to the two-piece concept "House Of Gold And Bones Pt.1 and 2" from 2012 and 2013. He pays for the fourth and fifth recordings in discography.

In the meantime, he returned to the masked Slipknot, with which he also released a successful recording of ".5: The Gray Chapter". Corey's winding path, however, went back to Stone Sour, from which Jim Root was sacked under not entirely clarified circumstances and replaced by Christian Martucci, now an ex-member of hardrock The Chelsea Smiles. The change of producer is also new. Jay Ruston, who replaced star David Bottrill, helped the group with the recording.

The length and number fifteen itself, indicating the number of album tracks, may evoke an overly benevolent sieve when selecting material for the final album. The truth is, however, that "Hydrograd" does not have many non-objectively chosen semi-finished semi-finished semi-finished semi-finished semi-finished items and, on the contrary, has a decent supply of properly resonating hard rock with an overlap up to hardcor and metal. So even in the end, as the stopwatch approaches the hour of pure music, the album will offer excellent pieces like "Whiplash Pants" and "Friday Knights".

Even on the hit side of "Hydrograd", he doesn't like it. After the opening intro comes the great "Taipei Person / Allah Tea", combining sharp guitars and melodic vocals of Corey Taylor. The hit label can also be skilled with the single "Song #3", which was enough to win the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart. One of the most striking tracks can also be considered the first single "Fabuless" with an overwhelming slipknotov entrance.

The sixth notch in discography proves that Stone Sour deserves to have a similar space on the scene as slipknot. I hope the Grammy judges won't miss this work this time.

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