Three Day Grace Prague will present new album Outsider

Canadians Three Days Grace will return to Prague. As last time, they will play a concert in the Small Sports Hall in Holešovice in less than a month! He will do so during his tour for the latest album Outsider. 

Three Days Grace, who very successfully combines a mix of rock, metal, grunge and electronics, will retain the favor of Czech fans with the new album Outsider. He will introduce him to them in the autumn in Prague's Small Sports Hall.

This is the second record in the standings, with matt walst leading the way. In the words of his brother Brad, he lifted the whole band's lost self-esteem and brought new ideas. "It's about finding a place in a world that's gone crazy," bassist Brad Walst says to the news, adding, "We're trying to get out of it from time to time. We do things that we do and do them well. We always look ahead and don't look back. That's our eternal theme."

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