Two separate concerts of The Offspring!

The offspring will be pleased with their fans' legendary American punk rock band THE OFFSPRING. To celebrate the quarter of a century of our festival, where they last starred as headliners two years ago, we prepared two birthday concerts: 20. August 2019 in Ampfiteatra Loket and a day later at the exhibition centre in Brno.

There is no doubt that we will again have an unforgettable experience, which promises also a huge fan base, which at concerts can sing almost every word with California boys. In the case of a performance in Lokti, a unique environment will also be added and the concert will also have limited capacity – in the amphitheatre in the underpass there will be iconic stones and visitors can look forward to an unrepeatable atmosphere. The premises will open at 3 pm and at both concerts visitors can look forward to two foreign and one domestic pre-band.

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